Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Free Spay-Neuter Program for San Antonio Stray Cats


An ongoing program at the SNAP Spay-Neuter and Animal Wellness Clinic in San Antonio enables residents of the 78228 zip code to get community cats spayed or neutered for free thanks to a generous grant from The Summerlee Foundation. The grant covers free spay-neuter surgery for 100 community (feral, stray, or otherwise homeless) cats from within this zip code. It also reduces the cost of a rabies vaccinations (which is required by state law if you cannot provide a rabies certificate to prove the animal is already vaccinated) to just $5. This makes helping those homeless kitties inexpensive indeed!

You must bring the cat(s) to the SNAP clinic at 6758 Ingram Rd. in San Antonio. Cats will be accepted from residents of the zip code or trappers identifying where cats were trapped within the zip code. All cats will have the tip of their left ear removed as a sign that they have been sterilized. There are no exceptions to this rule. Appointments are preferred, but SNAP will accept cats in live traps without an appointment. Call 210-673-7722 or email to set up an appointment or for more information.

SNAP would like to express its sincere appreciation to The Summerlee Foundation for funding this program to help address the problem of free roaming cats in the 78228 zip code.

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