Saturday, December 31, 2011

Seeing Eye Cat and Buddy Need a Home

A beautiful Russian Blue kitten was discovered creeping along an apartment building several months ago. A kind woman fed him and the next day took him home - only to discover he was very friendly but also was blind.... He quickly learned the lay of the land and enjoyed sitting with his owner or playing in clothes. A few weeks later the kind lady found a 5 week old black kitten in a neighbor's car engine. The young kitten instantly bonded with "Kahuna" and they became inseparable. Kahuna follows Minky (nose to tail) so Kahuna can now run and play. Both are litter-box trained, spayed/neutered, and have received all vaccinations. They have, however, caused an uproar among the other cats in the household and must go - together. Please contact if interested.

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